Can I have my bankruptcy annulled?

A bankruptcy can be annulled during the bankruptcy under the following circumstances: Your debts are paid in full. The creditors will have to approve this. You file a proposal. The creditors will have to approve this. There are mitigating circumstances surrounding your bankruptcy which will

Trustee mistakes….

The amount you should be paying is based on your income and family situation.  Our Bankruptcy Calculator will tell you the cost of a bankruptcy and how long you will be in bankruptcy. The Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB), the government body that

Crooked trustee?

It is not allowed for anyone to switch trustees. You are correct.  Your boy friend did not have to divulge his income to the trustee.   You could pay more if his income is not divulged.  You can check this out by using our bankruptcy predictor and

If I file bankruptcy, can I keep the vehicle?

When you claim bankruptcy you will be able to keep your car if the equity is within the exemption for a motor vehicle as set out by your province. You can speak to a trustee to learn more about how going bankrupt can help you

Living abroad – Bankruptcy possible in Canada?

You may be able to file a Canadian bankruptcy from abroad. If so your student loans will be erased but all your worldwide assets are subject to the bankruptcy exemptions of the province you last resided in. Please refer to: and Trustee

Fighting bankruptcy extension

The trustee has to abide by the laws in effect. So, if the excess income indicates you have to be in bankruptcy for another 12 months you must comply. You can try mediation but I don't think you will get satisfaction from that process. -

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