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Is Bankruptcy or a Consumer Proposal Best For Student Debt Relief And Repayment? Did you know that only 34% of Canadian students pay off their student loans within three years of graduation? For the remaining 66%, it will likely take you upwards of six years to be completely debt-free. This is a significant problem that […]

In theory, student loans and student lines of credit are designed to make post-secondary education more accessible. In practice, however, they create a debt dependency for individuals who pursue their studies after high school. Unfortunately, depending on your situation, student debts can become overwhelming and hard to manage. If you are still considering which loan […]

What are the Waiting Periods and How Does it Impact Student Debt? They say that your student years are the best in your life. But what happens when all your hard work, dedication, discipline and study pay off? What happens when the partying, the self-discovery and the learning are over? What happens when you come […]

When we were young, we subscribed to an assumed truth. That if we wanted to do well in life, we needed to get good grades in school, go to college and get a degree. We were told by teachers and parents alike that this was the key to landing a good job and starting on […]

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