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Let our Acadian Peninsula Bankruptcy Trustees help you build a brighter FUTURE!

Our Acadian Peninsula Bankruptcy Trustees know that asking for help with financial difficulties is a very difficult step. They are very experienced in helping people with their financial difficulties and understand how difficult this step can be.

Don’t be discouraged, there are solutions. You do not have to solve the problems on your own.

Our Acadian Peninsula Bankruptcy Trustees take a very practical, non-judgmental, personalized approach to solving financial difficulties. They believe that everyone is entitled to a fresh financial start.  Many people they help are able to avoid bankruptcy if they deal with their financial difficulties early enough.

Our Trustees will explain how a bankruptcy works.  In the vast majority of cases a person who files bankruptcy will pay the minimum of $1,800 at the rate of $200 a month for nine months, and keep all his assets.

A consumer proposal is for someone who wants to avoid bankruptcy or has assets he wants to keep, that would be lost in a bankruptcy.  In this situation the person will usually pay about 50% or perhaps 30% of his debt over a period, of not more than 5 years.

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