The "Canadian Insolvency Guide" is available online for $7.95 at the following sites:

Canadian Insolvency Guide    Canadian Insolvency Guide     Canadian Insolvency Guide     Canadian Insolvency Guide     Canadian Insolvency Guide     Canadian Insolvency Guide     Canadian Insolvency Guide

Canadian Insolvency GuideThis Canadian Bankruptcy Book, the “Canadian Insolvency Guide” is the MUST HAVE book for anyone contemplating bankruptcy or a consumer proposal or considering using a debt consultant or a credit counsellor.   The Insolvency Guide is available for FREE on all the above links, except for Amazon.

The “Guide” was written by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee in clear straightforward English.   It was written for Canadians suffering a financial crisis by providing the information needed to make an informed decision.

Some the of debt help companies you see advertised on TV make outrageous and false promises. Thousands of people, every year are ripped off by unscrupulous debt help companies.

The Canadian Bankruptcy Book points out the pitfalls you should avoid so you don’t get cheated.

For Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals

  1. Why Canada needs bankruptcy laws;
  2. How to protect yourself before filing bankruptcy or a personal proposal;
  3. How to choose a Licensed Insolvency Trustee;
  4. About the two types of personal proposals you can file with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee and which one is better;
  5. Strategies involved in setting the amount to offer in the Proposal and how to negotiate if he creditors want more money in order to accept the Proposal;
  6. How to conduct yourself so you pass through the system without any hassle or guilt;
  7. In depth explanations of the bankruptcy and proposal systems so you will have no surprises if you choose one of these methods to get a fresh financial start.

Alternatives to using a Trustee

  1. Twelve ways to get out of debt;
  2. How to recognize and avoid unscrupulous debt help companies so you don’t get cheated;
  3. How credit counsellors operate and the difference between independent and “non-profit” credit counsellors.
  4. How to decide If you should use a credit counsellor or a Licensed Insolvency Trustee to solve your debt problem;
  5. How Debt Consultants operate;
  6. ……. and much more.


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