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Derek L. Chase Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Campbell River, BCBankruptcy Campbell River:   Please Call Derek Chase at 1-888-387-7904 to schedule a FREE  confidential evaluation.

Derek is friendly, non judgemental and Licensed by the Government.

Bankruptcy Campbell River offers individuals a chance to get a fresh financial start.

When challenged with overbearing debt you may feel trapped and boxed in, with no way out.

If you have been struggling with managing your debts help is available!

Our Bankruptcy Campbell River trustees have the skill and expertise to help guide you through the insolvency process.

Bankruptcy Campbell River Trustees, help you learn about your debt relief options:

The first step to dealing with a severe financial problem is recognizing that you have a problem and identifying that you have options!

These could include debt consolidation, budget changes, credit counseling, consumer proposal to creditors, or bankruptcy.

We will explain how bankruptcy works, which in most cases lasts only nine months.

The vast majority of people, who file bankruptcy, keep all their assets and pay the minimum costs of $1,800 at the rate of $200 a month for 9 months.

We will also show you how a consumer proposal will allow a person to avoid bankruptcy and pay only a portion of what is owed and retain all assets, even ones that might be lost in a bankruptcy.

You can end up paying 50% or even 30% of your debts.

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Our Trustees can show you the two most popular options for getting a fresh financial start:

Bankruptcy is usually your quickest and cheapest way to get a fresh start.

Most people keep all their assets and are out of bankruptcy in nine months.

The minimum cost is $1,800 payable at the rate of $200 a month for nine months.

Filing a consumer proposal means you are NOT bankrupt.

A consumer proposal allows you to keep assets that might be lost in a bankruptcy.

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