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Bankruptcy Campbell River Trustees

Bankruptcy Campbell River Trustees, Licensed Insolvency Trustees

When you find a trustee you can get a CONFIDENTIAL CALLBACK by clicking on the Evaluation Button

Congratulations!  You’re one step away from a debt free life.   Your consultation is FREE and confidential.

Derek L. Chase Bankruptcy Campbell RiverDerek L. Chase, 250-800-2319
Toll Free: 1-888-387-7904

400 Tenth Avenue, Campbell River, British Columbia, V9W 4E3
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Derek L. Chase Licensed Insolvency TrusteeBankruptcy Campbell River:   Please Call Derek Chase at 1-888-387-7904 to schedule a FREE  confidential evaluation.

Derek is friendly, non judgemental and Licensed by the Government.

Bankruptcy Campbell River offers individuals and businesses a chance to get out of debt in Campbell River and the surrounding area. When challenged with overbearing debt you may feel trapped and boxed in, with no way out. If you have been struggling with managing your debts it is incumbent on yourself to seek the help that is available to you for managing your debts. The Bankruptcy Campbell River trustees partnered with us are skilled, friendly and have the skill and expertise to help guide you through the insolvency process.

Campbell River Trustees, Learn about your debt relief options:

To learn about your options and all bankruptcy alternatives that may be possible for you please call us at 250-800-2319 to schedule a personalized Campbell River bankruptcy evaluation with a local debt relief professional.

Call Derek today at 250-800-2319.

Bankruptcy Campbell RiverOne of the main objectives of the bankruptcy law for Campbell River and BC is to provide people a chance for a fresh start without their old debts weighing them down. To get on the path to financial stability you need to speak with a local trustee to discuss your finances and to learn financial management skills so you can stay out of debt in the future.

Campbell River Trustees, How you are protected when dealing with a trustee:

All Campbell River trustees are members of the CAIRP.   Making the decision to declare bankruptcy or make a consumer proposal to your creditors can be daunting, no matter the circumstances surrounding your finances.   However, you can feel better knowing our partner trustees are bound by a professional code of ethics and are friendly and courteous.

With the assistance of one of our partners your dream of living debt free can become reality.

With our guidance and expertise you can get your debt under control.

To begin, you need to arrange your personalized bankruptcy consultation by calling our office to talk with a local trustee. Once we understand your unique financial difficulties we can help develop and formulate a plan to get you out of debt. It is possible to be debt free.

The Bankruptcy Campbell River trustee can explain how you can be out of debt in as little as 9 months by filing bankruptcy. By going bankrupt you can also protect your assets from seizure under the Exemptions in BC. Bankruptcy was intended to provide a fast new financial start.

If you have property not protected by the bankruptcy exemptions, would like to pay off your debts over a period of time because you feel it is the right thing to do or for any other reason you can make a proposal to your creditors to repay a certain percentage of your debts, usually about 20 to 30 percent.