Bankruptcy Fort St John – Filing Bankruptcy in Fort St John, BC

Are you struggling with debt and looking for bankruptcy help in Fort St John.

If so, you are not alone.

Every year we help thousands of Canadians just like you who are dealing with money problems.

They often turn to a bankruptcy professional for assistance with getting out of debt.

We can help you regardless of your situation.

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Regardless of the source of your money problems or how difficult they may seem, you can turn to use for the debt relief solution that works perfectly for you.

You can turn to us for help in any situation.

Our Fort St John bankruptcy professionals offer custom debt relief plans so you can understand how to get out of debt.

We have been online since 1999 helping people just like you deal with debt problems.

We strive to provide people with friendly, caring and confidential debt relief appointments.

Call today to get on the path to becoming debt free.

We can help you weigh your options

For people filing bankruptcy, the objective of going bankrupt is to eliminate your debts.

Bankruptcy law is governed by the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act and is protected by the federal government.

However, bankruptcy doesn’t work for everyone.

You should always meet with a local Licensed Insolvency Trustee to learn your options.

A popular alternative to bankruptcy in Northern BC, is to file a consumer proposal.

A consumer debt proposal allows you to make a plan to repay a portion of your debt over a set period of time lasting up to 5 years.

If you are considering going bankrupt or making a consumer proposal you should meet with our friendly team.

We can help you if:

  • You are spending more than you earn;
  • You are facing wage garnishment or legal actions;
  • You facing collection calls at home and work;
  • You are using your credit card for daily expenses;
  • You are dealing with stress due to your debts.