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Bankruptcy Grand Forks: Our team of Grand Forks bankruptcy trustees are ready to give individuals who are thinking about making a proposal or declaring bankruptcy in Grand Forks valuable information they need to make an informed decision about bankruptcy.

When you meet with one of our trustees for a confidential consultation you can learn more about how going bankrupt or making a proposal can help you deal with your debts.

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If you are stressed out because of financial difficulties you might be confused and unsure of how to proceed.

In this situation you can call one of our local Bankruptcy Grand Forks Trustees to schedule a free in person evaluation meeting with the trustee to discuss your debts and the available debt relief options.

In many cases, the trustee can point out how you can avoid bankruptcy.

The insolvency laws allow an individual to have a fresh start, by having their overwhelming debt loads erased.

Bankruptcy Grand Forks, British Columbia - Consumer Proposals & Declaring Bankruptcy in Grand Forks, BC 

Bankruptcy Grand Forks – Our Trustee services:

Bankruptcy Canada’s trustees are CAIRP certified professionals that are highly trained and must follow a code of ethics at all times.

Our experienced professionals are able to help you get your debt under control.

A plan is needed to help you on the route to becoming debt free and staying debt free.

If you require the services of a trustee in bankruptcy we can work out a payment plan.

Bankruptcy law was written to allow individuals a fresh financial start.

The law also provides protection from creditor harassment.

Bankruptcy Grand Forks – How bankruptcy and consumer proposals work:

By going bankrupt an individual can wipe out his or her eligible debt within as short as nine months and because the BC Bankruptcy Exemptions protect certain assets from seizure many individuals keep all of their assets once declaring bankruptcy.

Individuals are also able to make a consumer proposal to pay off a portion (about 20 or 30%) of their debt to their creditors over a period of three to five years.

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