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Filing for bankruptcy or seeking to make a consumer proposal in Cornwall can be a difficult decision.

Whether you are facing overwhelming debt or are having debt collectors after you we can assist you.

With the help of a reputable licensed insolvency trustee you can get out of debt in a success and quick manner.

If you are dealing with unmangeable debt it is important you seek help from a licensed professional to get out of debt.

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Going bankrupt or making a consumer proposal allows you to get your finances under control and eliminate your unsecured debts.

Once you file for personal bankruptcy or make a consumer proposal to your creditors your financial life will restart.

Your wage garnishments, collection calls and other legal actions will cease.

You will have your fresh start.

Bankruptcy is a good choice for some individuals, while an alternative to bankruptcy such as a consumer proposal could work for others.

Knowing your options is the best way to get your debts under control.

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