Bankruptcy Kamloops – Licensed Insolvency Trustees

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Bankruptcy Kamloops – Licensed Insolvency Trustees.

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Dean Prentice Kamloops Licensed Insolvency TrusteePlease Call Dean Prentice at 1-888-389-0158 to schedule a confidential evaluation. Dean is a friendly, caring person and is Licensed by the Government.

Dean Prentice, the Bankruptcy Kamloops trustee listed with Bankruptcy Canada is a professional of the CAIRP who is subject to the highest ethical and professional standards. Kamloops Bankruptcy is a legal and regulated way to get your debts under control. Our bankruptcy trustees in Kamloops are able to provide individuals with a free, confidential consultation to speak over your debts and finances. If you decide you would like to work with the trustee it is possible to have a monthly payment plan set up. When you are ready, you can call us at 888-389-0158 toll free to arrange a confidential evaluation to go over your debt relief options.

Bankruptcy Kamloops – How bankruptcy and consumer proposals work:

The Kamloops bankruptcy law has several benefits for debtors who are trapped in debt. The first benefit of the insolvency law in the area is that your creditors will be prevented from contacting you in any way to make collection on the debt that you owe. The main benefit of the bankruptcy law is to give you a chance for a fresh start from your debts. If you are thinking about filing bankruptcy or making a consumer proposal to the creditors to whom you owe money our web page was written to give you a basic understanding of your rights and how the insolvency laws can protect you. When you meet with our financial relief experts you can make informed questions and feel comfortable speaking with the trustee. In as little as nine months your eligible debts can be eliminated by going bankrupt. In most cases of bankruptcy the debtor going bankrupt has no property that he or she loses so bankruptcy can have a person a fresh start.

A consumer proposal is intended for individuals who would like to pay off a portion of the debt they owe (about 20 to 30 percent) over a period of 3 to 5 years.