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Bankruptcy Kingston, Ontario

Bankruptcy Kingston, Ontario - Consumer Proposals & Declaring Bankruptcy in Kingston, ON
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The decision to declare bankruptcy or seek out other bankruptcy alternatives is not an easy one.

Sometimes life presents us with a difficult situation that leaves us with no other option.

Sometimes unmanageable debt needs a professional solutions.

Luckily our team of professional and experienced Kingston insolvency trustees know how difficult dealing with debt can be and are ready to help you find the proper solution to your money troubles.

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Dealing with debt can stress a person to their breaking point.

Making a clear decision in this situation, especially with so much information, can be difficult.

Fortunately, one of our Kingston bankruptcy experts is available to support you through this difficult time and provide counselling and guidance.

We understand how important it is to receive the proper advice to make the right solution to get out of debt.

Each financial situation is different and needs a unique strategy to be overcome.

When you schedule a free consultation meeting with our Bankruptcy Kingston team our trustee will provide information on declaring bankruptcy.

The purpose of working with a licensed insolvency trustee is to:

Working with our Kingston team will help you get out of debt and save money on interest fees.

You will learn how to rebuild your credit and control your spending.

With our assistance, you will not only get out of debt but learn how to stay out of debt.

Kingston Bankruptcy Protections

Declaring bankruptcy or a consumer proposal provides many legal protections to a consumer.

Some of the benefits of bankruptcy include:

  • Collection calls will end;
  • You will stop paying interest charges on your debt;
  • Wage garnishments will stop, whether they are in place or being contemplated;
  • Your Kingston insolvency trustee will handle all communications with your creditors.

In addition to providing bankruptcy protection, a licensed insolvency trustee provides many other debt services.

A trustee can provide credit counselling to help you learn financial literacy, or help you file a formal or informal proposal to your unsecured creditors.

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