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Laval Debt Relief Office

Laval Debt Relief Office

Bankruptcy Laval: Do you have serious money problems in Laval and are seeking the assistance of a caring, friendly professional Laval bankruptcy trustee to help guide you through a bankruptcy or consumer proposal?

You can set your mind at ease when dealing with our Trustees:

The Bankruptcy Laval Licensed Insolvency Trustees Offer Confidential Bankruptcy and Proposal Evaluations – Contact Us Now!

Our professional trustees are certified by the CAIRP and therefore they have a strict code of professional standards and ethics they must follow.

You can contact us when you are ready to speak with a trustee to get a free evaluation that is also completely confidential to get friendly and honest advice about how to deal with your finances.

We can also discuss bankruptcy alternatives that might be available to you.

Bankruptcy Laval and Consumer Proposals:

Bankruptcy Laval, Quebec - Consumer Proposals & Declaring Bankruptcy in Laval, QC
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We are committed to successfully helping individuals resolve their debt.

Bankruptcy can help you wipe out your debt in nine months in most cases or 21 months in certain rare cases (such as you have been bankrupt previously).

A person can also make a consumer proposal to their creditors to who they owe money which we can also help you with.

When going bankrupt you can keep most of your assets because the QC bankruptcy exemptions provide a list of assets a bankrupt may keep if going bankrupt.

A proposal allows an individual to make a proposal to their creditors to repay a certain percentage of the debt they owe.

Generally, a person will repay approximately 30 percent of their debt over a period of time from three to five years.

We have a team of friendly and caring bankruptcy professionals ready to assist you with tackling your debt so you can get out of debt and learn the skills needed to manage your money in the future with success.

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