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Are you looking for Bankruptcy London Help and Professional Advice? Our team of regulated London licensed insolvency trustees are here to help you.

Are you facing a challenging financial situation that has caused you to think about filing bankruptcy, making a proposal to your creditors, or another debt relief alternative?

If that is the case you have found the right page!

We are Licensed by the Federal Government of Canada to help people in need of debt relief assistance get the professional service they need.

Bankruptcy London

Bankruptcy LondonOur team of Bankruptcy London experts are proud to be one of the most experienced and skilled insolvency firms in London.

We have helped a wide range of individuals, families and business owners get out of debt. We provide a professional approach to restructuring and London bankruptcy issues.

Choosing the right solution to your debt problem can be stressful and confusing. Our purpose is to explain your options in a clear an easy to understand manner.

We think that alternatives to bankruptcy should be explored if possible, although we are experts in Bankruptcy London.

You can schedule a free, no obligation evaluation with a London bankruptcy & proposal expert to learn your options. During this confidential, private meeting a Trustee will ask you about your debt, budget and income to develop a plan to help you solve your debt problem.

For some individuals, a bankruptcy alternative such as a consumer proposal is a possibility. For others, filing bankruptcy in London will be their best choice for getting out of debt.

No matter the solution for you, our team will help guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

If you are looking for more information on bankruptcy in London or filing a consumer proposal you can review the information on our website.

We believe you should always seek the assistance of an expert to get a free and professional review of your options.

London Bankruptcy Process

Bankruptcy London, Ontario - Consumer Proposals & Declaring Bankruptcy in London, ON

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The process to filing bankruptcy in London consists of several steps. Before you can make a decision about bankruptcy, you should schedule a free initial consultation. To arrange this free and private meeting with a London bankruptcy expert please call or email today.

We will meet with you at a convenient time for you and discuss your financial situation so the trustee can advise you on the options available to fix your debt problem.

If a viable alternative to bankruptcy is available, your Trustee will help you with this, although for some people filing bankruptcy is the right step forward.

The process to filing bankruptcy involves the following steps:

  • Meet with a trustee to determine if bankruptcy is right for you;
  • Sign the necessary paperwork;
  • Attend the required 2 counselling sessions with your Trustee. These meetings can be one on one with your trustee,
    or you can attend a group meeting with other bankrupts;
  • Make the necessary payments, and submit information to your trustee about your income and budget;
  • Receive your automatic bankruptcy discharge – usually after 9 months – and you will be released from your debts.

We have many years of experience in bankruptcy in London, Ontario. We will assess your debt and help you determine if bankruptcy in London is right for your debt problem.
If you live or work in London, or the surrounding area, and are experiencing serious financial problems, we can help! Our debt relief experts will help you with finding the right option for your debt problem.

Bankruptcy in London

Our team looks forward to sitting down with you to review your financial problems in a private evaluation meeting. We will provide you with the solutions that will fix your debt problems and help you make the right choice. Bankruptcy in London provides a quick and easy fresh start, but there are alternatives to bankruptcy that could work for you.

A popular way to get out of debt while avoiding bankruptcy is to file a consumer proposal. A proposal is a legal agreement to repay a portion of your debt (usually about 30 to 40% of what you owe) over a period of time lasting up to 60 months.

Please call or email today to schedule a free confidential evaluation. We are patient, caring and friendly. Our bankruptcy London team will be happy to sit down with you to discuss the best way to get your fresh start.

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