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The Bankruptcy Montreal trustees listed on this page are all well trained, professional members of the CAIRP, who follow a strict code of ethics and will answer your questions in a fair and honest manner.

If you have been thinking about declaring personal bankruptcy or filing a consumer proposal with your creditors, one of the bankruptcy Montreal trustees on our team can help you with the insolvency process.

In some cases, the trustee can help you get out of debt while avoiding bankruptcy or making a proposal.

Please call MNP Limited today at 877-251-3489.

Bankruptcy Montreal – Consumer proposals and bankruptcy:

Montreal, QCWhen you make a proposal to your creditors you can pay off a small portion of your debt (generally 20 to 30%) over a period of up to 5 years.

Most consumer proposals last for 3 to 5 years and is popular for individuals who have assets that are not protected by the bankruptcy exemptions or who would otherwise like to pay off a portion of their debts.

A bankruptcy allows a person to eliminate their debts in as little as 9 months.

Bankruptcy allows a person or business to get a fresh start in a quick and easy manner.

Almost all people that file bankruptcy have little or no assets that they will lose when going bankrupt because of the bankruptcy exemptions in Quebec.

When you are ready to discuss your debt relief options with a Montreal bankruptcy trustee you can contact a member of our team to schedule your own personalized evaluation to talk about your options for dealing with your debt.

The Bankruptcy Montreal initial consultation is always free and 100% confidential.

The trustee can explain the rights you have, discuss your options, explain how you can keep your property because the bankruptcy exemptions protect the assets from seizure, and how all your eligible debts can be eliminated.

One of the main purposes of bankruptcy law is to allow a person to have a fresh financial start.

Bankruptcy Montreal

Montreal, QC
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You might want to consider filing bankruptcy in Montreal if you are falling behind on your monthly bills.

However there are alternatives to bankruptcy that should be explored.

By scheduling a free Montreal bankruptcy evaluation with a licensed insolvency trustee, our Montreal bankruptcy experts can help you explore all of the debt relief options available to you.

Montreal bankruptcy can provide you a quick and easy fresh start to your financial affairs.

Bankruptcy Montreal Help

Filing bankruptcy in Montreal has become more popular, although it is not a process to be entered into lightly.

Many people in debt have trouble thinking about anything else, so this is why you need the services of a Montreal bankruptcy expert.

A big misconception about bankruptcy is that if you claim bankruptcy someone will come to your house and take your assets.

Fortunately, this is not true.

In fact, most debtors that file bankruptcy in Montreal keep all of their assets and belongings.

Bankruptcy Montreal law lists all the property a bankrupt can keep.

It is possible for a bankrupt to keep their car, home, RRSPs and other assets.

After you receive your bankruptcy discharge you can get credit again.

Montreal bankruptcy is intended to give a person a fresh financial start.

Bankruptcy Trustees MontrealHow Does Bankruptcy Montreal Impact me and my Spouse?

When you file bankruptcy your spouse won’t be impacted if none of your debt is in their name.

If your debt is jointly held, your spouse must continue paying the loan if they would like to avoid bankruptcy.

Jointly held debt will not be eliminated if your spouse does not file bankruptcy as well.

Another concern debtors have is they might not be able to leave the country when they go bankrupt.

This is a scare tactic of collection agencies; there are no restrictions to your ability to travel when bankrupt.

Bankruptcy is not always the preferred option, although for many debtors in Montreal it is the ideal solution.

By meeting with a government licensed trustee you can learn all of your options.

Bankruptcy Montreal Experts

All Trustees are highly trained experts.

Trustees must be investigated by the police, pass an insolvency law course and have a University degree.

Ongoing professional development is necessary for Montreal bankruptcy experts.

In addition to being the highest trained debt experts in Montreal, all trustees must follow a strict code of professional ethics.

The fees that a trustee can charge a person for filing a Montreal bankruptcy are regulated by the government.

In order to pick the right trustee, you must feel comfortable with the trustee.

You do not have to choose a trustee based on cost or their training.

Some trustees have more experience, but every trustee in Montreal providing bankruptcy services is a highly trained and educated debt relief professional.

You can contact our Montreal bankruptcy experts today to schedule a free, no obligation initial consultation review.

Get the answers and advice you need to make a fresh financial start.

Helping People Find Solutions to Their Personal Finance Problems

Our team of Montreal bankruptcy experts are here to help you find solutions to your personal financial issues.

We are proud to help individuals develop the right plan to get out of debt.

We start by providing a risk free initial consultation.

This meeting is free and lasts about 60 minutes.

We strongly encourage you to contact us at the earliest opportunity to take the first step to financial freedom.

Our team has years of experience providing bankruptcy services and alternatives to bankruptcy that helps Montreal residences get their finances on track.

We can help you decide the right steps to take to get out of debt.

Before we consider recommend filing bankruptcy, we will explore other bankruptcy alternatives, such as a consumer proposal, that could meet your needs.

Your trustee will give you their personal attention throughout the bankruptcy process and you will always feel confident working with your trustee.

Montreal’s Trusted Licensed Insolvency Trustees

We are a team of Montreal bankruptcy specialists who provide assistance with filing bankruptcy, consumer proposals, debt management and other alternatives to bankruptcy that can help you get out of debt.

We are proud to offer a range of services.

Our team of professionals always offer the right advice.

Take advantage of our expertise during a free consultation.

Our financial recovery experts are proud to help you make a plan to get out of debt.

You are not alone… we have helped hundreds of others trapped in debt.

We listen to your money problems without judgement.

Bankruptcy Help in Quebec.

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