Bankruptcy Nanaimo – Licensed Insolvency Trustees

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Bankruptcy Nanaimo Trustees

Bankruptcy Nanaimo Trustees – Licensed Insolvency Trustees

When you find a trustee you can get a CONFIDENTIAL CALLBACK by clicking on the Evaluation Button

Congratulations!  You’re one step away from a debt free life.   Your consultation is FREE and confidential.

Grant Thornton Bankruptcy BC LogoGrant Thornton Limited, 250-999-0515
30 Front Street Nanaimo, BC, V9R 5H7
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Smythe InsolvencySmythe Insolvency Inc., 250-999-0485
201 – 1825 Bowen Road, Nanaimo, BC, V9S 1H1
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Here’s how our  Bankruptcy Nanaimo Trustees can help:

  1. No charge unless you decide to take action;
  2. Creative financial strategies;
  3. Flexible fee payments.

By contacting us you will be taking the first step in relieving the stress and anxiety of your financial burden.

Our Nanaimo  Trustees will help you to determine your best option.

We will explain the legal process, your rights and the rights of your creditors.

With one phone call, we can put your mind at ease and show you your options for getting a fresh financial start.

You can set your mind at ease when you deal with our Nanaimo Licensed Insolvency Trustees because:

  1. Licensed Insolvency Trustees are regulated by the government so the cost will be the same regardless of the trustee you use;
  2. Licensed Insolvency Trustees are the only debt professionals, in Canada, who can file bankruptcy or a consumer proposal for people;
  3. Licensed Insolvency Trustees are the only debt professionals who can prevent creditors, including CRA, from taking collection action against;
  4. Licensed Insolvency Trustees are the only debt professionals who can stop wage garnishees.

Bankruptcy Nanaimo Trustees Services:


  • FREE consultation to review your options for a debt free life;
  • A bankruptcy is the quickest and least expensive way to achieve a debt free life;
  • In the vast majority of cases the cost of a bankruptcy will be $1,800 payable at the rate of $200 a month for nine months;
  • Most people keep all their assets, as set by the BC Bankruptcy Exemptions.

Consumer Proposals

  • Filing a consumer proposal allows a person to avoid bankruptcy while keeping all his assets, even those assets that would be lost in a bankruptcy;
  • The creditors must be offered more than they would receive in a bankruptcy;
  • The length of the consumer proposals cannot exceed 5 years;
  • Most people pay approximately 50% of their debts or even 30%;
  • Your payments are affordable;
  • You make only the payments you agreed to in the consumer proposal.   There is no further reporting.

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