Am I responsible to sign any other paperwork after discharge?

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Am I responsible to sign any other paperwork after discharge?Am I responsible to sign any other paperwork after discharge?

Hello:  Hope you can help me.  I have Power of Attorney for my father who is in long-term care in hospital and has no signing authority whatsoever.  Last year discovered he had numerous debts, one of which was a substantial amount of Revenue Quebec.  I was not aware of this debt and discovered the paperwork later after I had gone to father’s home to clean it out.  Initially, I had the house and land put up for sale with Century 21.  There was an offer but it would not cover the cost of the debt plus other debts that my father had incurred.  I then decided to file for bankruptcy.  Father was discharged this past June 20, 2013.  The house and land have still not sold and it had been stated in the bankruptcy that with the sale of land and house that the company would take their fee for services.  My main concern now is that Century 21 is calling me and wanting me to sign another contract to cover a 3-month period to sell the house.  I do not want to do this as I feel it is between the bankruptcy company and Century 21 to deal with this.  The sale rep has been relentless, calling me to sign paperwork concerning the sale of the land.   How can I handle this?  Thanks.

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I suggest you talk to the trustee and ask him if he can deal with this issue without your assistance.

It sounds as though you agreed to have the trustee take his fees from the sale of the house.

This being the case the trustee will want the home sold ASAP and will also want you to honour your commitment by assisting.


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