Bankruptcy file closed due to lack of payment to the trustee

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Bankruptcy file closed due to lack of payment to the trustee, what now?Bankruptcy file closed due to lack of payment to the trustee

My bankruptcy file has been closed as I still owe a portion of fees to my trustee. I am told it will be $500 to reopen and then my assets will have to be re-assessed and obligations cleared before discharge. They will not tell me what obligations until I open the file. But also said don’t open the file unless I can cover the obligations. My trustee will not give me straight answers as to what this means. When I claimed originally I didn’t make enough money to cover basic expenses never mind the fees associated with the trustee. Now I make a lot more so …

Can they, in turn, make me pay more than the original fee owing?

I also have cash savings now, which is why I was prepared to settle this issue, should I be worried about losing that once my file is reopened?

Is it possible to switch trustees in my situation, as they treat me like garbage anytime I try to talk to them?

Thanks for any answers.

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You cannot switch trustees.

Only the court and the creditors have the power to change trustees.

The trustee will not be able to access your obligations and any funds you must pay until he has reviewed your file.

Trustees are obligated to apply the rules under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act in an even-handed and fair manner.

If they do not you can report them to the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy.


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