Can an accountant be fired for declaring bankruptcy?

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Can an accountant be fired for declaring bankruptcy?Can an accountant be fired for declaring bankruptcy?

I’m an accountant and am having troubles with bill payments. If I declare bankrupt, will my employer know? Do they periodically run credit checks on their staff to find this out? Customer service reps in the bank require a credit check before getting hired but I am not sure if credit checks are done on staff already hired.

If I go bankrupt, can they legally fire me if they find out?

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I have had a number of accountants who have gone into bankruptcy.

I cannot answer any questions about your employer since I am not familiar with their policies.

There is no reason why your employer will know you have filed bankruptcy.

Trustees do not notify employers and in most cases, there is no notice placed in the newspapers.

Set up a confidential meeting with a trustee in your area to get answers to these and any other questions you have:

– Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) – Bankruptcy Canada

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