Can not meet the court ordered payments

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Can not meet the court ordered paymentsCan not meet the court ordered payments

My elderly Mom in law filed bankruptcy and was ordered to pay the trustee and sell her mobile home ($30,000 value) she was admitted to hospital for over a year and has since been admitted to a long-term care seniors home, she can not pay the last $800 to the trustee, the mobile home has a loan against it for $25,000 – her son has been making these loan payments
I was advised if she did not sell the trailer and pay the $800 then the creditors would come after her again, can they take her CPP and OAS?
The full amounts of these pensions go toward her monthly old folks home rents, I pay for her medications and adult diapers so there really is no money left over
please comment if her bank account will be frozen from creditors and leave her homeless

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The CPP and OAS cannot be garnisheed but once the funds get to a bank account the bank account can be garnisheed if the creditors elect to take collection action.

  • Earl Sands, Licensed Insolvency Trustee
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