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Close to dischargeClose to discharge

I am 3 months away from discharge date (21 months in length). I was keeping up with all my surplus payments which were manageable until about 11 months ago.

I received a promotion at work and my income increased. I continued making the surplus payments originally agreed upon and now have been advised by my trustee that I have I am about 3000.00 behind. There is no way I can come up with this amount in 3 months.

My trustee has told me if the balance is not paid he will have no choice but to oppose my discharge. It does not seem fair, that I have always made my monthly payments as originally agreed upon.

Can I avoid having to go to court by coming up with alternative measures? I have really tried to come up with a plan to repay this money but at this time it appears my trustee is not being very responsive.

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I don’t think there is much that you can do except to pay what is owed.

Your surplus income payments are based on your income.

If your income goes up or down so do the surplus income payments.

  • Earl Sands, Licensed Trustee
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