Cost of Court Discharge Hearing?

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Cost of Court Discharge Hearing?Cost of Court Discharge Hearing?

It appears that I am in trouble. Despite having a well-paying job, I have not managed my bankruptcy very well and have accumulated more debt.

Also, I have not completed my duties as a bankrupt; most specifically, I have not kept up monthly payments to the estate. I realize this is all my fault and I am not looking for sympathy.

I would just ask if I would be wise to hire a lawyer or should I just attend with hat in hand and ask for mercy? Also, am I responsible to pay any fees for having to attend the discharge hearing?


Emotionally drained.

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A lawyer would cost you about $3,000.  You acknowledge you have not completed your duties as a bankrupt including not having kept up with your monthly payments.

The court will, at a minumum, require you to complete your duties including paying the monthly payments owing and will not grant you a discharge until you have completed your duties.


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