Defaulting on bankruptcy agreement – what happens next?

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Defaulting on bankruptcy agreement – what happens next?Defaulting on bankruptcy agreement – what happens next?

A friend declared personal bankruptcy in 2010 and was set for release in September 2012. In early 2012 she stopped paying the monthly requirement and did not submit monthly expenses. She has not revisited this since and moved in mid-2012 so she believes nobody knows where to find her…not that she’s hiding. Her previous address has likely been inundated with letters and she doesn’t want this hanging over her head anymore and wants to confront it but doesn’t know how to start and as a mother is terrified she is going to jail. She says she wants to correct this past mistake but is on/below the poverty line and no assets (which is likely why she hasn’t tried to correct this yet). She may not take any action on her own so I am gathering information for her to set the ball rolling in some direction as I am worried about her.

Appreciate any information or resource direction you could provide.

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She should contact the trustee and ask what she has to do to have her bankruptcy completed. Your friend can complete the necessary duties and end the worry.

Bankruptcy will give her the best route to get out of debt and get a fresh start.

– Trustee

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