Divulging my income to the trustee.

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Divulging my income to the trustee.Divulging my income to the trustee.

My partner and I come from Yukon, Territory. We currently live in Vancouver, BC.   Six years ago, she met and married a person in the North;  They had children together.

While she was with him she took out a mortgage, a loan for a vehicle, and a few other things. When they separated, everything was in her name. She has a large debt and is enrolled at UBC.

I’m worried, because she is currently applying for Bankruptcy in Vancouver, BC, and the trustee is requesting to see my pay stub. I don’t want to be connected to this debt, and I am afraid. Please assist.

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You do not have to divulge your income to the trustee but it may cost more money if you do not.

Please put the two scenarios into our bankruptcy predictor to find out which is the more cost effective method:


– Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT)

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