Do I have to pay off my husbands CRA debt?

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Do I have to pay off my husbands CRA debt?Do I have to pay off my husbands CRA debt?

My husband cashed in RSP in his name only. We have been making regular payments to CRA on this debt and have co-operated fully. Now they want more money which we do not have and want to include my income in the debt. We also have a son who has a form of Autism who we support.

Do I have to disclose my income to CRA and do we have to pay more than we already are which is all we can afford? We sold our house and downsized to a very small one and have no other assets, we cashed in the RSP to pay the debt after my husband lost his job. We filed a consumer proposal which has since been completed and paid in full.


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You are not responsible for repaying debt the is the sole responsibility of your husband.

You do not say if the debt was outstanding at the time the consumer proposal was filed.

In any case, your husband should discuss this debt with his trustee.


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