Help getting a derailed bankruptcy on track

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Help getting a derailed bankruptcy on trackHelp getting a derailed bankruptcy on track

In 2009 I filed for bankruptcy following a military tour to Afghanistan. When I returned home, my marriage dissolved in addition to having some undiagnosed (at the time) PTSD. The next few years were incredibly hard and I indulged in many self-destructive behaviours as I struggled to understand what I was going through.

During this time, I hit financial problem after problem. I attempted to discuss these issues with my trustee but he was unbending about my payment arrangement and, eventually, I gave up and disappeared. In addition to my financial troubles, I had many other issues and an unstable mental state that made it incredibly difficult to address these problems.

For some time, I lived like an ostrich with my head buried in the sand. Once I got the help I needed to address my mental health, I started to slowly but surely attempt to resolve my problems one at a time, like pulling strings one by one out of a large knot. I now need to take action to resolve this bankruptcy. My trustee was discharged about a year ago, and now I am on my own. I am fully aware that this is a result of irresponsible actions on my part and I am willing to accept these consequences. I just need to know where to begin. The area I live in has an extremely high cost of living and I still am on a limited income, but I do have the resources to start working on this and I want to start as soon as possible. I am tired of living in the shadow of bankruptcy.  I need some help getting a derailed bankruptcy on track.

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I am assuming you have significant debt both pre and post-bankruptcy.

This being the case you will have to get discharged from your bankruptcy and once discharged file a second bankruptcy to clear the debt amassed after you filed bankruptcy.

If this is the case I suggest you see a different trustee and provide them with all the relevant information on the 1st bankruptcy, including the Section 170 report and proof of the discharge of the trustee.

This trustee should be able to assist in your getting your discharge and filing a second bankruptcy.

If you do not need a second bankruptcy then you should retain an insolvency lawyer to help in getting your discharge from bankruptcy.

You can find an insolvency lawyer at the following link:


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