How long does an item stay on my credit report?

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How long does an item stay on my credit report?How long does an item stay on my credit report?

One of my credit cards has been sent to a collection agency.  I read that it will affect my credit score 6 years later from the time it’s paid off.  If I file a consumer proposal will that collection agency be removed from my Equifax and Transunion reports and be incorporated into the consumer proposal?

I know that if I file a consumer proposal that it’s erased 3 years later after obligation has been fulfilled.  I’m also aware that I can pay a consumer proposal off earlier for example if it’s for 3 years and I pay it off in 2 years then 3 years later it’s erased how would that affect the card right now that has gone to collection?


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The credit bureau reporting is not tied into bankruptcy or consumer proposal filings.  Therefore, a consumer proposal will not affect the reporting on the delinquent credit card.

While it is true that reference to a consumer proposal will be removed from the credit bureau reports 3 years after satisfaction of proposal (6 years in the case of a bankruptcy) it does not mean that your credit score will be affected for that length of time.

A credit rating can be improved in about 2 years after satisfaction or the proposal or discharge from bankruptcy, to the extent that the hardest credit of all; a mortgage approval, can be acquired at the same rate as a creditworthy person, who has never been in bankruptcy.

Please refer to our page on rebuilding credit after bankruptcy or a proposal:


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