Inheritance after bankruptcy

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Inheritance after bankruptcyInheritance after bankruptcy

I declared bankruptcy a couple of years ago in Ontario for $32k and was discharged in about 10 months.

It was clean debt from credit cards and a failed small business.

Now I have a someone who might put me in his will in the next 6 months and it could be between $50-$100k depending on the final value of the property and whatever everyone gets. My question is, should I accept this offer or tell him to give it to his kids. I don’t want to take it if I have to give it away or looks suspicious and bring more legal issues.

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Since you are discharged from bankruptcy your inheritance, should you get one, cannot be seized by any of your former creditors.

You are free and clear to keep any monies you receive after you have been discharged.

Your creditors are no longer owed any money at all by you.


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