Surplus income payments if income is irregular?

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Surplus income payments if income is irregular?Surplus income payments if income is irregular?

With irregular income, is each month looked at individually to determine surplus income payments, or is it based only on the 7-month average?

I started my bankruptcy with NO income, then in months 6 and 7, I will have both Increased AND Irregular income.

If I make $0 for the first 5 months and $3,062 in each of months 6 and 7, then:

a) Will I be deemed to have $1,000 surplus income in each of months 6 and 7?
b) Will I, therefore, have to pay 50% of that $1,000 to the trustee for each of those 2 months?
c) Will I be deemed as having, during my 7 months, a total of $2,000 surplus income, thus putting me over the $200 per month allowable surplus income, and thus causing my bankruptcy to be extended by 12 months.

Or will I instead be deemed to have $0 surplus income.  (2 monthx x $3,062 = $6,124 total income over 7 months = less than $1,000 per month = less than the allowable income threshold of $2,062 per month)?

I have read about this for many, many hours, but have found a lot of the examples available to use confusing language that leaves the door open to both interpretations, so I would really appreciate it if you were able to help clarify it for me.

Thank you.

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You will have to pay the greater of $1,800.00 or the surplus income payments calculation.

Since the surplus income requirement is NIL you will have to pay $1,800.00.

For an example of how the calculation is made please refer to Appendix B, Example 1, at the following link:


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