Is my widow’s pension and my CPP affected by bankruptcy?

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Is my widow's pension and my CPP affected by bankruptcy?Is my widow’s pension and my CPP affected by bankruptcy?

My home is in foreclosure, with no equity. My husband passed rather quickly, 9 months ago. I had decided to take early withdrawal on my CPP at the time thinking this would help my income. But, since talking to a trustee, they are taking the widows pension, my CPP and more.

I also have to buy back one of my vehicles. I am losing my home also.

I am just not sure where exactly to turn?   Do the bankruptcy laws in Canada ( BC ) allow my CPP to be taken? The trustee that I will be signing papers with states I must pay her over $700 per month.  Is this correct?

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The trustee applies the rules given to him by the Federal Government, based on your family situation.

If your net monthly income is $3,000 (including pension and CPP) and you live on your own and have no health costs to claim then what you would have to pay is $493 a month.

You can calculate this yourself by using our Bankruptcy Calculator at the link below:



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