Is there any way to get payments waved or lowered on a closed file?

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Is there any way to get payments waved or lowered on a closed file?Is there any way to get payments waved or lowered on a closed file?

When I decided I needed to declare bankruptcy I had a perfect credit rating because I had been on top of things. I suffered a complete break down in September 2011 and when I started to come out of it a few months later I realized I needed to get the debt off my back (since my husband had not made ANY payments to anyone during that time, only auto payments were completed).

Money has been so tight that I really needed to go to the Superintendent, there was no way I could afford making the payments to a trustee. One trustee refused me and referred me to another.

They said they NEVER refuse anyone and that they would work with me. I don’t think they realized how things were going for me. When looking at our spending reports they could see no areas I could cut back on but one, my husband’s $150 per month for each alcohol and tobacco.

How am I supposed to get that money to the trustee? My husband STILL doesn’t seem to realize we can’t afford it, although he did cut down by almost $500 per month total, he just couldn’t cut it out completely.

I FINALLY got him to write $50 cheques for every 2 weeks but didn’t get the cheques to the trustee until mid-October 2013.

By that time, they had closed the file and are now asking for an additional $3,500 AND the outstanding $1,600 plus potentially more to re-open and complete my bankruptcy.

I realize I signed in January 2012 but I told them at the time I couldn’t afford to make the payments, I wanted them to refuse so I could be assigned a trustee and pay the $250.

I completed everything else but the payments. I only managed to make 1 $200 payment to BDO Canada. In the meantime, I have had emergency back surgery this past November (shortly after finding out I had to pay even MORE to get free of the debt stress) and I spent most of the summer 500 miles away from my husband, our marriage very close to over.

I have been dealing with postpartum depression, chronic pain, severe nerve compression, recovery from 2 emergency c-sections, a special needs child as well as other stressors. If I could have afforded $200 per month I would have been able to keep things going with the debt. This whole thing seems more stress than before.

Do I have any rights now? What can I do without $5,100 cash? Is there a time limit?

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You would have been told before you filed bankruptcy what the costs were and how they were calculated.

You can ask for mediation to consider how much you should pay:


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