Living abroad – Bankruptcy possible in Canada?

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Living abroad - Bankruptcy possible in Canada?Living abroad – Bankruptcy possible in Canada?

Hello & please help! =)

I have been living outside of Canada since 1999. Unfortunately, I still have a student loan debt and some minor debts in default in B.C. Although I do not have any plans to return to Canada, I would like information on how to clear these debts and ‘start fresh’ just in case I decide one day to return to live and work.

1. Is it possible to file bankruptcy in Canada while living abroad? *I DO NOT want to file bankruptcy in my new country.*

2. Will my student debt be cleared since I’ve been out of university for 13 years?

3. What if I have assets outside of Canada (, car)?

Any other information is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!


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You may be able to file a Canadian bankruptcy from abroad.

If so your student loans will be erased but all your worldwide assets are subject to the bankruptcy exemptions of the province you last resided in.

Please refer to: and


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