Spouse’s liability for OSAP loan

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Spouse's liability for OSAP loanSpouse’s liability for OSAP loan

If a person has OSAP loan (year of study 2004-2005) and considering for bankruptcy. I know as per law after 7 years it’s going to clear from his record. Right now it’s in repayment assistance.

What’s going to happen to another person who signed the document (as a spouse) at that time of OSAP loan in good faith? I want to know if the spouse will be liable for my loan if I file bankruptcy? Right now even my spouse has no job and not in a situation to repay the loan. My spouse doesn’t want to go bankrupt because we own some assets. What are my options in this case?

Is there any way to find out spouse is liable for OSAP loan or not?


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If your spouse cosigned or guaranteed the loan then she will be responsible for the payments if you file bankruptcy.

To confirm this you can meet with a trustee to schedule a confidential evaluation.


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