Trustee mistakes….

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trustee mistakes....Trustee mistakes….

I guess I have a question for another trustee as I have recently lost faith in mine.

My spouse and I claimed bankruptcy and are under 21 months.  I am currently in month 15
I am to be discharged in June 2013

When we signed at the initial appt we were advised our payment would be $276.50 per month as it was my last month of EIB income. I knew our payment would be adjusted once I returned to work.

In Feb (which was our 8 month review) we were advised that our payment had changed to $412.93 per month and that would have been back to the beginning so we owed some arrears.

We cleared up the arrears owing throughout the next couple of months and have continued to pay the required $412.93 per month

I received a call from my trustee in Nov 2012 stating that her numbers’ were not “jiving” and it appears we were paying the wrong payment all along.

They have since admitted that they incorrectly input our monthly budget sheets and that now we only have 6 months to correct all arrears.

They are saying that our payment should have been $680.00 for the full period instead of $412.93, therefore, i would have to pay $1178 per month for the remaining 6 months in order to be caught up and receive the discharge.

I guess my question is how am I supposed to do this and how can this happen?

He told me there is nothing we can do but pay it and if we are unable to pay it all by the 21 months he could go to mediation to request a payment plan for an extension.

It is their mistake – they incorrectly processed my paperwork and failed to pick up this mistake for over 6 months now I am left on the hook and I obviously declared bankruptcy for a reason – I don’t have $1178 per month for the next 6 months and don’t want to have to request an extension – I have done this long enough.

Are they or should they responsible for any of this or do they just get to put it all off on me?

Need some information from outside 3rd party who knows the process….


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The amount you should be paying is based on your income and family situation.  Our Bankruptcy Calculator will tell you the cost of a bankruptcy and how long you will be in bankruptcy.

The Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB), the government body that oversees and regulates trustees has this explanation of how the payments are calculated.

If you think that the trustee’s errors should be subject to censor you can report them to the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB).

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