What happens if you  were not discharged?

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What happens if you  were not discharged?What happens if you  were not discharged?

I just recently found out from the bankruptcy trustee company that I filed bankruptcy with in 2001 that apparently my file wasn’t discharged due to me not complying with handing in my income statements, or so they say, which is bogus as I handed my income statements in TWICE to the company back in 2002 & again in 2006.

What should I do to get it discharged once & for all & what will happen to me as I honestly thought it was discharged & I bought a house & a car over the years as it wasn’t on my credit report?

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The first thing to do is get a copy of the trustee’s report on why you were not discharged (Section 170 Report).

Then you have to rectify any deficiencies and request that the trustee get you discharged.

The trustee will probably charge you for this service of perhaps $1,000.00.

Another option is to retain a lawyer after rectifying the deficiencies.

However, this will cost much more that $1,000.00.

– Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT)

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