When will all the debt accounts be cancelled?

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When will all the debt accounts be cancelled?When will all the debt accounts be cancelled?   I signed for personal bankruptcy over 3 weeks ago, and all 4 accounts I claimed for bankruptcy are still active and piling in with interest charges.

One of them even sent me a letter pre-qualifying me for a higher credit limit, as if there is no end to this crisis.

When will the creditors close off all those bad accounts so I can move on with my life?

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Since you are in bankruptcy there is a Stay of Proceedings in effect, which means no unsecured creditors (including CRA) can take any collection action against you.

When you are out of bankruptcy, (Discharged), usually in 9 months, all your eligible debt will be erased.   After 6 years the record of your bankruptcy will not show on your credit report.

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Earl Sands
Licensed Insolvency Trustee

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