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Saint John Bankruptcy Trustees  –  When you are dealing with debt nothing is easy:

We understand this very well because our team of Saint John Bankruptcy trustees have helped many individuals over the years with their money problems.

We are friendly and caring and understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances in life present themselves that lead to challenges with your finances and becoming trapped in debt and that leaves no option but to consider filing bankruptcy or alternatives to bankruptcy.

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Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals:

Bankruptcy is intended to give a person a fresh start after 9 months by eliminating all eligible debts and allowing you to keep your assets by using the bankruptcy exemption law.

A Bankruptcy Saint John trustee can also work with you to formulate a consumer proposal to submit to your creditors.

During a proposal a person can wipe out their debt by repaying a portion of what they owe to their creditors over a period lasting for up to 60 months.

Help is available:

It is important that you talk with a local bankruptcy Saint John professional if you are trapped in unmanageable debts.

The first step is seeking out the assistance that is available to you and coming to this website is a good first start for that.

If you are trapped in debt it is in your best interests to contact one of our Bankruptcy St. John bankruptcy trustees.

We begin by scheduling a confidential evaluation so we can discuss your debt and income and learn more about your money problems.

Since everyone has their own financial issues you need your own customized strategy for getting out of debt.

We are available at your earliest convenience.

When you are ready to get out of debt please contact our team of debt relief trustees today.