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Bankruptcy ScarboroughBankruptcy St Catharines Advice From a Government Licensed Trustee:

Are you facing debt problems that you will not be able to repay on your own?

If so, our St. Catharines Licensed Insolvency Trustees can give you the professional advice you need to learn how you can get out of debt and manage your finances successfully in the future.

Almost all debt such as Canada Revenue Agency tax debt, credit card debt, and personal loans can be erased by a bankruptcy.

You can include all of these debts into the payment plan for a consumer proposal as well.

We are proud to give people who are facing wage garnishments, collection calls and the threat of assets being repossessed a risk free consultation that will allow you to get all of your concerns addressed and the trustee will be able to give you their best advice based on the unique challenges you are having with your finances.

Our Trustee will start by reviewing all of the options that suit your money problems.

We generally provide bankruptcy services, but we can also act as a consumer proposal administrator so you can enter a consumer proposal to your creditors and we can also help you other bankruptcy alternatives such as entering into a debt repayment plan.

Our regulated debt professionals would be happy to meet with you at the earliest time that is easy for you, or if you prefer, it is also possible to have your initial consultation (that is confidential and has no obligation) conducted by the telephone.

We are passionate about helping people get their finances back under control.

You protection when dealing with a trustee:St Catherines Bankruptcy Trustees

If you declare bankruptcy in Ontario your wages will not be garnished, your assets can be protected from being seized and sold by the trustee and you will feel relief from your stress that can start as soon as you sign the bankruptcy papers.

Since legal actions to protect you and also stop your creditors from contacting you go into place immediately upon entering personal bankruptcy your stress will stop once you become bankrupt.

Consumer Proposals:

Usually the most common alternative to going bankrupt in St. Catharines is making a consumer proposal with your creditors.

In order to enter a consumer proposal to your creditors you need to use the services of a trustee in bankruptcy, as only a trustee is Licensed to act as a consumer proposal administrator.

The advantages of a consumer proposal over bankruptcy include:

• Being able to keep your assets that you might have to lose in a bankruptcy;

• Not having to worry about surplus income payments that could keep you in bankruptcy for as long as 36 months;

• You will receive all protection from your creditors that a bankruptcy can provide;

• The record of the proposal will only last on your credit report for three years after the conclusion of the proposal.

A Consumer Proposal is for people who want to retain assets that might be lost in a bankruptcy and pay off a portion of their debts (Say 30 percent) over a period that lasts from three but not more than five years.

Bankruptcy Trustee St. Catharines

Financial trouble can strike anyone and we understand that bankrupts are honest but unfortunate debtors in need of assistance.

Bankruptcy Canada can help you get your fresh financial start when overwhelming debt problems take over.

Our Trustee in St. Catharines is now known as a Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

The former name, bankruptcy trustee, was changed in 2016 to Licensed Insolvency Trustee to reflect the full range of debt help methods a trustee can provide.

We are partnered with the most experienced and skilled St. Catharines bankruptcy experts.

We will work hard to help you get out of debt.

Each situation is unique, although we have the experience to help solve any St. Catharines debt problem.

Our Trustees in St. Catharines are available to meet with you at a convenient time.

We will discuss your debt situation with you and find out your goals.

We will provide you with expert guidance and alternatives to bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy in St. Catharines

Our mission is to help you navigate the difficult waters of debt relief.

We will help you take control of your finances.

Debt does not have to control your life.

Bankruptcy in St. Catharines is the easiest and fastest way out of debt, although you might want to consider the available alternatives to bankruptcy that a trustee can assist you with.

To schedule a confidential evaluation with a member of our team please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email.