Bankruptcy Surrey – Licensed Insolvency Trustees

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Bankruptcy Surrey – Licensed Insolvency Trustees

Please contact one of our Surrey debt advisors to schedule a confidential evaluation:

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Bankruptcy Surrey Sands & AssociatesSands & Associates, 604-229-1935
203 – 10366 – 136A Street, Surrey, British Columbia, V3T 5R3

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Bankruptcy Surrey Smythe TrusteesSmythe Debt Advisors, 604-757-0729
Toll-Free: 1-888-224-3394

King’s Cross, #200, 7404 King George Blvd., Surrey, BC, V3W 1N6
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(Weekdays 8am – 8:00pm. Sat. 9am – 3pm)
MNP Bankruptcy SurreyMNP Limited, 604-210-1871
Toll-Free: 1-888-389-0145

#11-15243 91 Ave, Surrey, BC, V3R 9K2
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Free Bankruptcy Surrey Advice From a Government Licensed Insolvency Trustee is Available.

Our team of Surrey bankruptcy trustees are knowledgeable, friendly and certified debt professionals who are ready to offer confidential and free evaluation meetings to discuss your debt problems and the options you have available based on your finances and assets.

Bankruptcy Surrey – Our approach:

We understand that debt is a very difficult and emotional time.

We begin by carefully listening to your problems at your own personalized personal evaluation to learn about bankruptcy, making a proposal and other debt evaluation possibilities that could exist based on your unique financial struggles.

We will help you examine the pros and cons of each option available to you, although the final decision will always be up to you. Fortunately, bankruptcy is not your only option.

By scheduling a confidential evaluation with a member of our team you will get a full understanding of the debt relief options available to you, which does not only mean bankruptcy.

It is important that you speak with a Surrey bankruptcy trustee to get a full understanding of all of the options available to you.

Without professional guidance, getting out of debt and rebuilding your credit will take much longer and will end up costing you more. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment with our friendly team today. We will not pressure you to sign any paperwork and will not contact you after the consultation if you decide not to work with us.

We will also tell you how to get out of debt without the services of a debt professional such as a trustee if possible!

Bankruptcy Surrey – Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposal Services:

Bankruptcy SurreySurrey bankruptcy law was written into place to give people protection from their creditors making collection attempts as well as to give a chance for a fresh financial start.

A Consumer Proposal is for those individuals who have an interest in repaying a part of the debt they owe over a period of time lasting for up to 60 months.

We can help you examine your debts and assets to come up with a consumer proposal plan that will be accepted by your creditors, and that will be manageable for you to keep up with the payments.

In a consumer proposal, you will generally repay your debt at 30 to 40 cents on the dollar.

By going bankrupt it is possible for you to get a quick elimination of your eligible debts, Most individuals going bankrupt are finished with the bankruptcy in 9 months.

In British Columbia, the Exemptions protect certain assets from seizure. In almost all cases, those who go bankrupt keep all of their assets! Call us to learn more.

Our trustees are friendly and offer valuable advice.

If you need to set up a payment plan, we can work with you to make that happen.