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Our bankruptcy trustee in Cobourg has helped people get out of debt for many years.

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Filing Bankruptcy in Cobourg

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Consumer Proposal & Bankruptcy Help in Cobourg

Are you in need of a bankruptcy trustee in Cobourg?

Every year our friendly bankruptcy trustee has helped many people manage their money problems and get out of debt.

Even if you feel that your debt situation is hopeless or you feel that insolvency is not right for you, you can count on us to help you find the right solution for your personal situation.

Filing bankruptcy in Cobourg can help you get out of debt in as little as 9 months, while a consumer proposal gives you a chance to make a flexible repayment arrangement with your creditors.

At our Cobourg office you will find our licensed debt professionals are respectful, friendly and caring and offer many debt solutions.

We are committed to helping you find the right solution to get out of debt.

Learn how we can help make your debt a thing of the past!

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You may be eligible for bankruptcy or a different debt help solution

Going bankrupt allows you to reduce all of your unsecured debt in as little as 9 months.

However, personal bankruptcy is not right for everyone.

In some cases you might be better off pursuing a consumer proposal as a way to get out of debt.

Before you can know if bankruptcy or a consumer proposal works better for your personal situation, you need to speak with a Cobourg licensed insolvency trustee for more information.

We start by reviewing your unique challenges with debt to determine what solution will match your problems best.

Alternatives to bankruptcy might be available, but in some cases we will recommend filing for bankruptcy.

In either case, we will be with you the entire way until you are out of debt and have your finances under control!

If you are dealing with financial problems fill out our evaluation form to book a free consultation with a local Cobourg debt relief expert.

No matter the causes of your challenging financial situation we can help you get your finances under control.