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When faced with financial difficulties in Kelowna, you may be confused on what to do next and what options are available to you but a bankruptcy trustee in Kelowna can help you understand your options.

If you are faced with overwhelming debt we can help you get over your debt problem quickly and efficiently.

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We are available to meet with you in the office or schedule an evaluation over the phone. You can call or email us to schedule a time that works for you. We are pleased to offer free and confidential evaluation meetings. The first step to tackling your debt problems and becoming debt free is to schedule a free confidential meeting with a Kelowna bankruptcy professional. Our trustees are here to provide you proper debt assistance. When you meet with our Trustees you will get the knowledge, help and tools you need to manage your debt and stay out of debt in the future. You will also get a customized plan for dealing with your Kelowna debt problems. The best way to getting out of debt could be personal bankruptcy or it could be an alternative such as a consumer proposal, debt management plan or debt consolidation.

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With the help and guidance of a friendly and experienced Insolvency Trustee, you can get your finances under control. Without our help it may seem impossible, but we can help you regardless of your financial situation. We take pride in supporting those individuals dealing with debt in a confidential and secure manner. We can help you come up with the appropriate debt relief solution to help with your personal money problems.. Our team can meet with you privately to discuss your finances, debt and income so we can provide you with the best information. Our bankruptcy and consumer proposal services are intended to help you get out of debt in a safe, confidential and cost-efficient manner. To get a free consultation in Kelowna please call or email our office today. Our debt professionals can help you solve your financial problems and provide you a full range of debt relief options. Our Kelowna offices are conveniently located and we will happily meet with you for a free and confidential debt consultation.

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We help Kelowna residents get out of debt with our government licensed debt relief services.

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