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When you file bankruptcy or a consumer proposal there are immediate benefits that protect you:

  • Your unsecured creditors cannot take steps to collect on their debt;
  • Collection calls will stop;
  • Interest on the debt ceases;
  • Wage garnishees in place or contemplated will stop.

Our Vancouver Bankruptcy Trustees  can provide you with many different services.

Declaring Bankruptcy in Vancouver British Columbia
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We provide credit counselling so you can learn how to get your money problems under control.

The first step to dealing with a severe financial problem is recognizing that you have a problem and identifying that you have options!

These could include debt consolidation, budget changes, credit counseling, a consumer proposal to creditors, or bankruptcy.

We will explain how bankruptcy works, which in most cases lasts only nine months.

The vast majority of people, who file bankruptcy, keep all their assets and pay the minimum costs of $1,800 at the rate of $200 a month for 9 months.

We will also show you how a consumer proposal will allow a person to avoid bankruptcy and pay only a portion of what is owed and retain all assets, even ones that might be lost in a bankruptcy.

You can end up paying 50% or even 30% of your debts.

Here’s how our Bankruptcy Trustee Vancouver can help:

  • No charge unless you decide to take action;
  • Creative financial strategies;
  • Flexible fee payments.

By contacting us you will be taking the first step in relieving the stress and anxiety of your financial burden.

Our Bankruptcy Trustee in Vancouver will help you to determine your best option.

We will explain the legal process, your rights and the rights of your creditors.

With one phone call, we can put your mind at ease and show you your options for getting a fresh financial start.

Our Vancouver office can help you find the correct path to become debt free quickly and cost effectively.

In some cases we might help you with declaring bankruptcy, while in other cases you might be looking for an alternatives to bankruptcy, such as a consumer proposal.

Both consumer proposals and bankruptcy are an ideal way to get your financial difficulties under control.

Your existing financial situation will help us determine if you will be best served by going bankrupt or making a debt proposal to your creditors.

If you have a steady income to make a reasonable monthly payment to your creditors we will likely recommend you file a consumer proposal, but the choice is always up to you!

You can set your mind at ease when you deal with our Bankruptcy Trustee Vancouver because:

  • Licensed Insolvency Trustees are regulated by the government so the cost will be the same regardless of the trustee you use;
  • Licensed Insolvency Trustees are the only debt professionals, in Canada, who can file bankruptcy or a consumer proposal for people;
  • Licensed Insolvency Trustees are the only debt professionals who can prevent creditors, including CRA, from taking collection action against you;
  • Licensed Insolvency Trustees are the only debt professionals who can stop wage garnishees.

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