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Bankruptcy Victoria Help Provided By Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees.

If you are struggling with debts, that have lead you to consider filing bankruptcy or a consumer proposal, our Victoria bankruptcy trustee is able to provide people the information about the Victoria insolvency laws they need to make an informed decision.

Bankruptcy Victoria can help you with getting out of debt.

Our Approach:

One of our Licensed Victoria bankruptcy trustees will sit down with you to examine your finances, budget and debt and will help you understand all of the options that could fit your financial problems.

Whether that is personal bankruptcy, settling your debt with a consumer proposal, or another debt management service, our trustee will act in a caring, friendly and respectful way so you can always feel comfortable working with our team.

Bankrupt Victoria businessman must pay 15% of tax debt, court rules

The Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (CAIRP) sets a strict code of professional standards and ethics that all trustees must follow at all times.

Our team of trustees are very knowledgeable, friendly professionals who will work with you to explain all of your options. The initial consultation is always free and 100% confidential.

The bankruptcy process is administered by a licensed insolvency trustee who can help you go bankrupt.

Depending on your financial situation you might want to look into a consumer proposal, which is a legal process with your creditors that can help you with avoiding bankruptcy.

If you have surplus income or valuable assets that would have to be surrendered in bankruptcy, a consumer proposal can be an attractive alternative to going bankrupt.

A trustee can also help with other debt settlement solutions under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

Whether you go bankrupt or make a proposal, you will get counselling sessions to help you avoid money problems in the future.

If you have unsecured debts such as credit card, taxes, or other debts not secured by an asset, we can help you discharge your legal obligation to repay these debts.

How Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals Work:

Victoria, BCThe Victoria bankruptcy laws were written to provide individuals hopelessly struggling with debt a chance for a fresh financial start by allowing for an elimination of debts and protection from creditor harassment.

If you decide to go bankrupt with the help of our team your debts can be wiped out in as little as 9 months, giving a fast and relatively easy fresh financial start.

The Bankruptcy Exemptions in BC prevent seizure of certain assets when going bankrupt.

By making a personal debt proposal to your creditors you can protect assets that might be lost in a bankruptcy and you will enter into a debt repayment plan to pay off a part of the debt you owe (20 – 30%) over three but not more than five years.

If you are dealing with financial difficulties and are looking for a way to become debt free please contact our Victoria office for more information on how we can help!