Bankruptcy Whitby – Consumer Proposals & Filing Bankruptcy in Whitby, ON

Bankruptcy Whitby
Consumer Proposals & Filing Bankruptcy in Whitby, ON

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Whitby Bankruptcy - Kelly Dey TrusteePlease Call Kelly Dey at 1-888-820-4037 to schedule a confidential evaluation. Kelly is friendly, caring and Licensed by the Government.

Our Whitby Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Kelly Dey, offers free and confidential evaluation meetings with individuals in Whitby who are thinking about making a consumer proposal or going bankrupt to deal with their overwhelming debts.

Our Whitby trustees are all professional members of the CAIRP (Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals) who must follow a strict code of ethics.

Bankruptcy Canada’s Licensed Insolvency Trustees are pleased to offer confidential and no risk initial bankruptcy / proposal evaluations to discuss all of your debt relief options.

Please call the Burton, Dey & Associates LTD bankruptcy office at 1-888-820-4037 to speak about how you can get out of debt.

The Whitby bankruptcy laws were written to provide people struggling with debts protection from harassing creditor collection attempts and to eliminate all eligible debts to allow for a chance for a fresh start to a healthy financial life.

Bankruptcy Whitby, Ontario - Consumer Proposals & Declaring Bankruptcy in Whitby, ON
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Your protection when dealing with our Trustees:

The Whitby trustees listed here are members of the CAIRP and therefore subject to the highest ethical standards.

Kelly Dey will give you a free initial consultation and if you require their services will set up monthly payment terms.

Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals:

Our Whitby trustees can provide initial consultations to discuss your options, such as going bankrupt which will allow you to eliminate your debts within 9 months or making a consumer proposal to your creditors.

Bankruptcy allows an individual to eliminate their debts quickly and in a relatively easy manner and also protect certain property with the bankruptcy exemptions.

Individuals who wish to pay off a portion of their debt (say 30 percent) over a three to five year period may find a proposal more attractive.

If you are dealing with overwhelming credit card debt in Whitby and the Durham region and are wondering how to become debt free you have found the right place!

Depending on your financial situation, we can help you with debt management, a debt settlement plan, declaring bankruptcy or making a consumer debt proposal.

Whether you are dealing with credit card debt, tax debt, or other unsecured debts, learn how bankruptcy or a proposal can help you improve your financial future.