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Williams Lake, BC Our Bankruptcy Williams Lake Trustees wrote this page to provide Williams Lake residents who are struggling with debts, the information they need to make an informed decision on how to get debt relief.   Set up a FREE confidential, no obligation consultation with one of our Williams Lake Trustees, to explore your options for a debt free life.   Call us today 888-389-0158.

All of our trustees are certified professional members of the Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (CAIRP).

Williams Lake Trustees – Your protections when dealing with our trustees:

Our CAIRP certified trustees must follow a strict code of ethics and professional standards and are proud to offer confidential consultations for people with overwhelming debt loads.

Our bankruptcy Williams Lake trustees will discuss all of your debt relief options and will be able to set up a payment plan if you decide to use their services.

Williams Lake Trustees – Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals:

Williams Lake bankruptcy law was written to provide people who are hopelessly burdened with debt a chance for a fresh start by wiping out her debts in as little as nine months.

The law also protects individuals who have filed a proposal or gone bankrupt from harassment from creditors; in fact, creditors are not allowed to make any collection attempts.

A Consumer Proposal allows a person to repay a portion of their debts to their creditors. Generally, proposals last from three to five years and you will repay approximately 30 percent of your debts to your creditors. Our trustees can help you make a successful proposal.

Filing bankruptcy allows a person a fresh start by wiping out their debts and protecting their assets through the BC Bankruptcy Exemptions.

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