Burlington Bankruptcy – Licensed Insolvency Trustees

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Burlington Bankruptcy – Licensed Insolvency Trustees

Contact our Burlington Trustee to set up a personalized insolvency consultation.

MNP BurlingtonMNP Limited, 905-581-4437
2289 Fairview Street, Suite 424, Burlington, Ontario L7R 2E4
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Deloitte BurlingtonDeloitte Restructuring Inc., 289-273-0135
Toll-Free: 1-888-267-0370

1005 Skyview Drive, Suite 202, Burlington, ON L7P 5B1
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A. Farber BurlingtonA. Farber & Partners Inc., 1-844-294-7980
3390 South Service Road, Suite 204, Burlington, ON L7N 3J5
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Burlington BankruptcyBurlington Bankruptcy – There is a solution for everyone!

When you are faced with debt that you feel is uncontrollable you might also feel like there is no way out.

If you are faced with enormous unsecured debt that is overwhelming you, it is imperative that you talk to one of our partner Burlington Licensed Insolvency Trustees.

All of the trustees that Bankruptcy Canada partners with are certified professionals of the CAIRP.

By scheduling a confidential initial consultation that is free and carries no risk, you can learn all about your options and the rights and protections you can receive under the insolvency laws.

The trustee can explain about making a consumer proposal, debt consolidation, or going bankrupt.

The trustee may also be able to point out alternatives to bankruptcy that you were not aware were available to you.

Burlington Bankruptcy – Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals:

If you want to go bankrupt to handle your debts you can be out of bankruptcy within as little as 9 months. When going into bankruptcy you can have the assets you own protected by the Bankruptcy Exemptions in Ontario.

Filing bankruptcy allows a quick and easy way to get out of debt.

Most people report that once they go bankrupt all of their stress and worries are over.

For people that would like to repay their debts over a longer period of time, a consumer proposal can make more sense.

A proposal allows an individual to repay a portion of their debts (say from 20 to 30 percent) over a period of up to five years and retain assets that might be lost in a bankruptcy.