Calgary Debt Settlement and Restructuring Specialists

Facing debts can be an incredibly stressful and daunting situation.

It’s easy to feel completely powerless when you’re getting angry letters about debts that you owe, and the thought of being pursued by debt collectors can be extremely taxing on our mind.

Thankfully, our Calgar debt settlement and restructuring specialists can help you solve your debt problems and help you achieve the financial freedom that you’re looking for.

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Calgary debt settlement and restructuring specialists

If you’re in Calgary or the surrounding area, Bankruptcy Canada can provide you with a top-class debt settlement and restructuring service to help finally get rid of the debt that is looming over your head.

We understand that it can be stressful to deal with credit companies and lenders that are chasing you for payments.

The longer you take to pay it back, the more interest you’ll accumulate and the more expensive it’ll be to wipe your debt.

That’s why we offer specialists debt settlement and restructuring solutions for the masses.

But what exactly do we do to help our clients settle their debts? We use a variety of proven strategies to help people clear and reduce their debts.

Some of our options include:


  • Negotiating with creditors about your debt – This is one of the first strategies that we’ll use to try and settle or restructure your debts. This will involve speaking to the lenders that are chasing you so that we can try to arrange a better deal to help you pay back your debts at a monthly cost that you can afford. This process will take longer if you owe money to multiple creditors but can result in effective debt consolidation.


  • Restructuring your debt – This involves speaking with creditors to extend your payment terms and reduce the amount you pay. In some cases, successful negotiation for restructuring your debt could result in lowered interest rates and longer payment terms that you can afford. Our clients will always have the last say when restructuring their debts. This will ensure that the payment terms are fair and suitable for their current financial and employment situation.


  • Financial literacy programs – Learning more about budgeting, credit and your financial situation is the key to settling debts and avoiding them in the future. Financial literacy programs are all about educating people on how to manage their money in a smarter way to avoid getting into debt in the first place.


  • Financial evaluations – Evaluating your financial situation is important because it helps you keep track of the way you spend your money. This will provide you with assistance with your budgeting and credit restoration, but more importantly, it will also help you unlock the potential in your financial assets. This is a great way to proactively avoid getting into debt but can also help you understand how to manage your financial situation correctly so you can avoid falling into debt in the future.


  • Debt settlement assessment – This involves analyzing your income, assets debts to check if you’re eligible for some form of debt relief. Debt settlements can often reduce the amount you owe by up to 70% if negotiated correctly. Once we finalize the terms, we’ll present it to our clients so they can decide if the repayment terms are suitable for their situation.


With our variety of debt settlement and restructuring strategies, we can help you overcome your debt situation quickly and efficiently.

Bankruptcy Canada is dedicated to helping the residents of Calgary achieve financial independence by freeing them from high-interest rates, mounting debts and aggressive debt collectors.

If you’d like to learn more about the strategies we use to free our clients from their debts, feel free to get in touch with us today to learn more.

How does debt settlement and restructuring work?

Understanding how debt settlement and restructuring works is the key to freeing yourself from your debts.

When you first contact us, our debt settlement and restructuring specialists in Calgary will ask you to provide some basic information about your financial situation.

This can include the lenders you’ve borrowed from, how much you owe and your current financial situation.

You can rest assured knowing that BankruptcyCanada will keep your information confidential.

Once we’ve gathered enough information about your current financial situation, our complimentary consultation will move on to discuss the different options that are available to you.

As explained above, we use a variety of different strategies to help you solve your debt problem.

We often start by negotiating with creditors to see if we can reduce your debts.

This debt settlement process can often reduce the amount you pay by up to 70%.

However, we might also be able to negotiate longer and cheaper repayment terms to ensure that you can pay back your debts with your current financial situation.

We focus on creating a long-term approach to debt settlement and restructuring, hence why we also place a heavy emphasis on teaching clients about financial literacy.

These programs are designed to help you understand more about budgeting, managing your money, how credit works and also how to avoid debts in the first place.

This information is designed to help you not only pay off your debts earlier, but also provide you with a strong foundation for financial freedom in the future.

Why Canada Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Canada has over 430 trustee offices across Canada and has successfully helped over 100,000 people free themselves from financial ruin.

We’re Canada’s top bankruptcy and consumer proposal information website and have been in the business for over two decades.

We can help you achieve the fresh start that you’re looking for, one that escapes the pressure of debt collectors and gives you a new chance at achieving financial freedom.

If you’d like to learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us now to see how we can help you settle and restructure your debts.

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