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A Comprehensive Guide to Consumer Proposal in Grande Prairie

In the realm of financial distress, various solutions are available to individuals. One such option that has gained considerable traction is the Consumer Proposal in Grande Prairie. This resourceful tool could be the answer for individuals grappling with substantial debt. But before diving headfirst into this process, it is imperative to understand what it entails, its advantages, disadvantages, and how it may affect your financial future.

Understanding Consumer Proposal

A consumer proposal is a legally binding agreement formulated under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. It is a negotiation between you and your creditors, where you agree to pay back a portion of your debts. This repayment plan depends on multiple factors, such as your income and your assets.

Note: Only a bankruptcy trustee licensed by the government is authorized to orchestrate a Consumer Proposal in Grande Prairie. This procedure involves a fee for filing and administration.

The Process of Filing a Consumer Proposal

The process of filing a consumer proposal involves several crucial steps. First, you must pay an initial setup fee, following which, if your proposal is accepted by the creditors, you pay the remaining balance to proceed. The trustee handling your case also retains a fraction of your future payments as a fee for their services.

An important point to be noted is that the proposal must be approved by the majority of your creditors for it to be legally binding. Following the approval, you are then obligated to repay the agreed amount over a period not exceeding five years.

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Advantages of Filing a Consumer Proposal

A consumer proposal in Grande Prairie offers several benefits that could make it an attractive option for those under the burden of debt:

  • It significantly reduces the amount of debt you owe.
  • It can help consolidate your debts effectively if you have a consistent income.
  • It halts active collection activities on student loan payments.
  • It can be a viable alternative to personal bankruptcy.

Disadvantages of Filing a Consumer Proposal

However, like any financial decision, a consumer proposal comes with its set of drawbacks:

  • It’s not a private process; a consumer proposal is a permanent public record.
  • It might be more expensive than declaring bankruptcy.
  • It requires court approval.
  • Creditors may reject the proposal.
  • Student loans less than 7 years old can’t be included.
  • Some assets may need to be sold.
  • The record of your insolvency may affect future employment opportunities and professional licenses.

Evaluating Your Situation

Before resorting to a consumer proposal, it’s essential to assess your situation thoroughly. A consumer proposal could be a good option if you have a consistent income but can’t afford to repay all the debt you owe. It could also be a viable choice if you are unable to get approved for a debt consolidation loan or have debts that can’t be paid through a debt management program.

Avoiding Scams

Unfortunately, the rise in the popularity of consumer proposals has led to an increase in scams. Several companies claim to offer consumer proposals as a way to get out of debt, but only a government-licensed bankruptcy trustee is legally allowed to file paperwork for a consumer proposal. Be wary of companies that charge exorbitant fees only to refer you to a bankruptcy trustee who then charges additional fees.

Tips to Prevent Getting Scammed

Here are some tips to avoid falling prey to such scams:

  1. Consult a non-profit Credit Counsellor before making any decisions.
  2. Never make a payment to anyone for consumer proposal services except a government-licensed bankruptcy trustee.
  3. Understand how the person helping you is compensated. Ensure that the solution they recommend is in your best interest.

Impact of a Consumer Proposal on Your Credit

Filing a consumer proposal affects your credit report. It is mentioned in the public records section of your credit report, visible to anyone who has consent to access it. Your creditors may also report a “7” rating on the debts included in the proposal, indicating that they are receiving payments through a third party, i.e., your trustee.

Rebuilding Credit Post Consumer Proposal

While a consumer proposal may affect your credit, it is possible to rebuild it. Maintaining a good payment history on any secured debts while paying off your proposal can assist in rebuilding your credit more quickly afterward.


A Consumer Proposal in Grande Prairie is one of many options available to individuals facing financial difficulty. While it may seem like an attractive solution, it’s important to understand the implications fully, and whether it is the best option for you.

For more guidance and help, don’t hesitate to reach out to professionally certified Credit Counsellors who can provide free, confidential advice tailored to your situation.

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