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Surplus Income in Bankruptcy Surplus income is the name given to the calculation a Trustee must use to determine the monthly payments that a bankrupt must make. If the bankrupt’s income is over a certain level set by the government calculation, then they must make the required surplus income payments. Our Bankruptcy Calculator will give […]

What Happens if I Don’t Fulfill My Duties During A Bankruptcy? If you have not completed any of your duties, your Trustee will be forced to oppose your discharge. Without your discharge, your debts will still exist and your creditors can pursue you for collection just as though you never filed bankruptcy. Receiving a fresh […]

Need Help Reviewing Your Financial Situation? Contact a Licensed Bankruptcy Trustee for a Free Debt Relief Evaluation Call 877-879-4770 or Schedule Your Free Consultation There are many reasons why people file bankruptcy, especially with the economy struggling in parts of the country. Most bankruptcies are filed by individuals and there are many reasons why a […]

Many people know they must file for bankruptcy or a proposal but keep putting it off, hoping for a change in circumstance or a miracle. It is important you conduct yourself properly concerning whom you pay and how you deal with your assets while you are deciding whether to file for bankruptcy. If you don’t, […]

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