Bankruptcy vs Alternatives

Bankruptcy vs Alternatives: Should I File a Consumer Proposal or Go Bankrupt? Bankruptcy vs Consumer Proposal You have decided to see a trustee to get some options to deal with your financial crisis.  From the research you have done you have homed in on either bankruptcy or a consumer proposal to deal with your debt … Read more

Planning and Budgeting for the Holiday

How Do Holiday Expenses Play Into Debt Management? Holidays and Christmas is a popular time of year. As friends and families gather to celebrate together there are many expenses during this time. Is it possible to celebrate Christmas and holidays with your family and stay out of debt in January? Managing holiday expenses is an important … Read more

Who is Eligible for Bankruptcy in Canada?

Who is Eligible For Bankruptcy? When financial pressures start to mount, mortgage payments are missed, or collection agencies are calling, people start to seriously consider their options. For most Canadians, bankruptcy is a topic they know little about and one of the first questions asked is “who is eligible for bankruptcy?” Bankruptcy filings in Canada … Read more

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