When Your Ex-Spouse Fails To Pay Credit Card Debt

During a marriage, many people share the use of their credit cards. This can lead to confusion over who is accountable for missed payments once the marriage ends. Particularly, if your ex-partner already agreed to pay off the debt already accumulated. So, who is responsible? Need Help Reviewing Your Financial Situation? Contact a Licensed Trustee … Read more

Debt Management Programs Rates & Costs

If you’re faced with significant financial difficulties and have spent any amount of time researching debt relief options, Debt Management Programs (DMPs) will have surfaced as one of the best alternatives to filing for bankruptcy. Before entering any DMP scheme, however, it’s crucial to analyze whether it’s right for you. The financial implications should naturally … Read more

What Can I Do if I Can’t Pay My Bills?

Help, I Can’t Pay My Bills If you’re struggling to pay your bills, you’re not alone. More than a third of Canadians have difficulties managing their day-to-day finances and keeping up to date with their bills. Whether you’re experiencing problems because of rising interest rates, a loss of income or spiralling debt, you can take … Read more

Inherited Debts or Debts after Death

Do I Inherit a Loved One’s Debt When They Die? The average Canadian household currently reports spending as much as 14.9% of their incomes on debt payments alone each month. Those are high statistics, but luckily, there’s plenty of advice regarding insolvency and consolidation to help you through. This can make a massive difference, but … Read more

Joint Debt Problems

Dealing With & Avoiding Joint Debt Problems When you and your spouse set out to make a life together, everything is shared. Your happy memories, your home, your hopes and dreams. But there are also less idyllic and romantic things that married couples share. Such as responsibility and liability for debts you undertake jointly. Sharing … Read more

Debt Problems in Manitoba

Solutions to Debt Problems in Manitoba – We are Here to Help Debt is common. In fact, as the country enters unprecedented difficulties, debt is becoming a more prevalent concern amongst individuals and businesses nation-wide. The best way to handle your debt responsibly is to consider all possible solutions to debt problems in Manitoba. We … Read more