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Will I Lose My House or Car if I go Bankrupt in Ontario? There are a lot of misconceptions around filing for bankruptcy in Ontario. In this article, you’ll discover how it will impact you. Bankruptcy is always going to be the last resort when you are dealing with insurmountable levels of debt. There are […]

Keeping Your Car in Bankruptcy Claiming bankruptcy is arguably one of the best ways to get a completely fresh financial start. It’s often seen as one of the best ways to “reset” your financial situation if you only have a few assets and mounting unsecured debts. At Bankruptcy Canada, we consider bankruptcy to be one […]

When you file for bankruptcy, you have to hand over your assets and in return, your outstanding debts will be eliminated. However, there are certain exemptions to protect you, so you don’t lose everything. For example, your home and your furniture cannot be reclaimed, and neither can personal items such as clothing. If you own […]

Is My RDSP an Exempt Asset? When our debts spiral out of control, filing for Personal Bankruptcy can give you the fresh start you need and deserve. However, there are many who are reluctant to take this step even though it could benefit them greatly. Many mistakenly believe that filing for Bankruptcy means that they […]

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